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Power Gals LLC.

We believe in a positive, welcoming and non-competitive atmosphere. Membership in Power Gals LLC. is not restricted to one person per industry. We don’t require lead quotas, nor forced one-on-one weekly meetings, plus we don’t mind if you are members of other networking groups. We actually encourage our members to interact with other local networking groups. The more you network the more opportunities will open up for your business. And the more you network this will enhance your networking skills, which will help you foster meaningful partnerships with professional women, and help one another to grow & prosper regardless of your industry.
The most valuable benefit of becoming a Power Gals member is the opportunity to form meaningful connections with other Gals, learn from influential businesswomen, gain positive support with other supportive, motivated, business-savvy women that will lift each other.

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My Story

Power Gals is a women's networking group that helps promote each other and generate new business. It’s a networking group for professional women from various industries. The women that attend these meetings are amazing business women that are growing locally with a passion for connecting & helping their communities.

Our first meeting was with just 10 women and one location on January 18, 2018. Now thankfully we have numerous Chapter locations all over Florida. Our goal is to continue to grow organically each year and to keep evolving as we grow. We currently have over 300 members and growing daily with over 65 different industries represented on our Business Directory. 

Power Gals is more than just another networking group. We are a true Sisterhood of empowering women that support each other. We refer business to each other and we never forget the Golden Rule ~ People want to do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Networking helps us to get to know each other a little better. Real women making real connections. 

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Contact Karla Arita

If you would like to learn more about Power Gals or to connect with Karla Arita feel free to reach her directly. 

(813) 408-2038